There is no connection between the dog’s aggressive behavior and dog breed. According to the latest research that was performed by the University of Bristol, the difference between the level of aggression between breeds exist, but that doesn’t mean that some breeds are aggressive while other breeds are not aggressive at all. Let’s face the truth and admit that in most of the cases, the owner is the one to blame for the dog’s aggressive behavior.

Let’s take the Pit Bull as an example… In the last 20 years, this breed has become so notorious, that many people consider it the most aggressive and the most dangerous dog breed in the world. Instead of judging the dogs for their behavior, why don’t we go back and see the behaving of the owners towards the dogs?

The most common reason for a well-behaved dog to become aggressive is the physical aggression from its owner. Just like any other living creature, the dog would fight back or it will try to avoid the constant physical aggression.

In most cases, the dog is kept on a leash or chain, so escaping is not an option and the only thing that he could do is to become aggressive towards his owner. But, if the owner is torturing the dog often, then the dog would think that all the people from it’s surrounding are aggressive and that it will need to defend from everyone.

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If a dog is in pain and it is being neglected by its owner, there is a chance that it will start showing signs of aggressive behavior and often could attack another animal or even, innocent person because it doesn’t know what or who caused its pain.

Physical activity and exercise are the best treatment that a dog could have. But, in today’s dynamic and busy lifestyle, the owners often couldn’t pay attention to their dogs, because of lack of time or other reasons. It is very important for the dogs to “get tired”. The physical activity and exercise are burning up the aggressive energy and makes the dog calm down.

Many professional dog trainers would agree that basic or advanced dog training, should be performed without stressing out the dog or cause him pain. Stressing out while training is almost the same as physical aggression towards the dog, and it will most likely have a counter-effect.

The most important thing is that dog breeds that are considered dangerous by society, in most cases are considered dangerous by their owners. For example, people that would like to look “dangerous” would get a Pit Bull. But, due to a lack of education about this breed, most probably they will behave towards the dog in a way that will cause the dog to become aggressive.

Word of advice: The dog is the reflection of its owner.


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